25 de des. 2016

Yoshino Miyu announced graduation

AKB48 Team 8's (Oita representative) Yoshino Miyu has announced her graduation from the group.

19 de des. 2016

29 de nov. 2016

23 de nov. 2016

Kuroki Hinako & Sawada Risa announced graduation

Kamen Joshi members Kuroki Hinako (leader of Armor Girls) and Sawada Risa (Alice 10ban) have announced their graduation from the groups.

18 de nov. 2016

Narumi Gomochi and Mogeki Aza suspended from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da members Narumi Gomochi and Mogeki Aza have been suspended from the group due to a breach of contract because of hanging out with fans.

5 de nov. 2016

Tsugunaga Momoko announced graduation

Country Girls Tsugunaga Momoko will graduate from the group on June 30 2017.
That date will be her 15th anniversary as an idol too.

She will retire from entertainment industry too,since she wants to become a kindergarten/elementary school teacher.

Gallery: Sagara Iori

31 d’oct. 2016

Doll Elements will disband

Idol group Doll Elements will disband on December.
On December 21st they will release a Best of album.

20 d’oct. 2016

Kobayashi Rei announced indefinite hiatus

Yumemiru Adolescence member Kobayashi Rei has announced indifinite hiatus from the group.
The reason is that she has polyps in her vocal cords and will receive treatment.

Hashimoto Nanami announced graduation

Nogizaka46 1st gen member Hashimoto Nanami has announced her graduation from the group.
She will be leaving entertainment industry too.

18 d’oct. 2016

NMB48 Shuffle

At NMB48 6th anniversary concert, a shuffle has been announced.
The new teams will start from January 2017.

Also,kenkyuusei are now bonded to a team,like draft members.

Here are the new team lineups.

Jonishi Kei announced graduation

NMB48 1st gen member Jonishi Kei has announced her graduation from the group.

my 48G Senbatsu (october 2016)

my TOP 16 from each group.

14 d’oct. 2016

Ogasawara Mayu announced graduation

NMB48 1st gen and current AKB48 Team A member Ogasawara Mayu has announced her graduation.
She will graduate on December 31st.

12 d’oct. 2016

my list of Prettiest Chinese idols

The prettiest chinese idols in my opinion. I don't really know many,so it's really short ^^'' (actually there's only one that's not from Star48...)
-They aren't listed in order

10 d’oct. 2016

AKB48 Janken Taikai 2016 results


STU48 new AKB48 sister group

Announced at Janken 2016, AKB48 will have a new sister group on summer 2017.
This time it's not a city!
The theatre will be located in a boat that will be touring the ports of 7 cities.

25 de set. 2016

14 de set. 2016

my Favorite GRADUATED Idols (September 2016)

 The huge list of my favorite graduated idols. Disbanded groups count too.
Not in order,just listed under their respective groups.

7 de set. 2016

30 d’ag. 2016

my Favorite Idol Group Members (August 2016)

A huge list of my favorite current idols,in black,and the ones I'm interested in   (not counting graduated members)
They're not in order,just listed under their respective groups.
But the 1 and only kamioshi goes to Kojima Haruna <3

27 d’ag. 2016

Kishino Rika announced graduation

NMB48 1st gen Kishino Rika has announced her graduation from the group at NMB48 Request Hour.

20 d’ag. 2016

ºC-ute will disband on June 2017

ºC-ute will disband at Saitama Super Arena concert next year.
Next year will be their 12th year as a group,and the last.

14 d’ag. 2016

4 d’ag. 2016

Inaba Manaka graduates from Country Girls

After 3 months of medical break, Inaba Manaka has decided to graduate from Country Girls.
(Manaka has asthma)

SNH48 members kicked from the group?

SNH48 members Liu LiWei and Shen YueJiao have been fired from the group and got their Weibo accounts revoked?
Zhao Ye forced to leave the SNH48 dorms?

Still no oficial statement from SNH48 management so everything is just ''rumours''

3 d’ag. 2016

my TOP 20 Keyakizaka46 members

The last ranking was before Silent Majority was released,so there are lots of changes :)

1 d’ag. 2016

New BiSH member: AYUNi·D

Her face will be revealed when she reaches 10.000 followers on twitter.
Follow her!

16 de jul. 2016

Hirata Rina announced graduation

AKB48 Team A's Hirata Rina (Hirari) has announced her graduation from the group during her seitansai.
She wants to pursue an University degree.

10 de jul. 2016

11 de juny 2016

my TOP 10 AKB48 Team A members (june 2016)

my TOP 30 AKB48Group songs of 2015

I though I already posted this but I didn't :')
Here are my favorite songs from last year by AKB48G (AKB48,SKE48,NMB48,HKT48 & NGT48)

1.Shekarashika! (HKT48)

Since the first time I listened to it,i absolutely loved how catchy and cool it is. This song is currently my favorite HKT song,and my favorite song from AKB48Group last year. My only complain with this song is that Sasshi should've been the center if they wanted to give her the red coat.It looks weird to put her at a side with Sakura and Haruppi wearing clothes of the same color.

2.Halloween Night (AKB48)

As a result of Sousenkyo we got another song with easy choreo. But this one actually makes me want to dance along. Also the idea of members wearing diferent costumes is great,well,some costumes are better than others,but at least is really easy to spot your favorite members.

3.365 Nichi no Kamihikouki (AKB48)

The most popular song from AKB48 last year was this one. And it really deserves that spot. It's a beautiful song,and that added to the fact that it was the song for a morning drama made it popular really quickly. The biggest mistake last year was not making this song the A-side instead of KnBmB.

4.Sekai ga Naiteru Nara (SKE48)

Amazing MV, great lyrics and great song. This coul have been an A-side for SKE48. And really,I stil want a drama or movie about what's going on in the MV.

5.Green Flash (AKB48)

I really love this song.The melody,the lyrics,everything is really beautiful. Okay,the screentime in the MV was...strange. But I'm a Kojiharu kami-oshi and still though the MV was good. It's not like Yukirin & Kojiharu need screentime,it's not going to give them more jobs at all. And Takamina & Sayanee rapping maked me laugh everytime they performed this :') Well,the whole single was amazing,every song was good.

17 de maig 2016

Otome Shinto announced disbandment

Idol group Otome Shinto will disband on July 3rd 2016.
Their last live will be on that same day.

22 d’abr. 2016

13 d’abr. 2016

10 d’abr. 2016