26 de juny 2018

20 de juny 2018

my AKB48 members RANKING (June 2018)

My Top 10 members from each team (20 for team 8)

I realized I didn't do one with the new teams,oooops.

13 de juny 2018

Fairies "Fashionable" MV

Short ver. of "Fashionable", one of the new tracks from their 2nd album has been released!

4 de juny 2018

my WACK groups member RANKING (June 2018)

New members. Pour Lui graduating from BiS (but joining BILLIE IDLE).Momoland leaving.
My favorite from the auditions,Gamiya Saki left too...
BiS is now divided in two teams but looks like will change its members after some sort of election...

3 de juny 2018