31 d’oct. 2016

Doll Elements will disband

Idol group Doll Elements will disband on December.
On December 21st they will release a Best of album.

20 d’oct. 2016

Kobayashi Rei announced indefinite hiatus

Yumemiru Adolescence member Kobayashi Rei has announced indifinite hiatus from the group.
The reason is that she has polyps in her vocal cords and will receive treatment.

Hashimoto Nanami announced graduation

Nogizaka46 1st gen member Hashimoto Nanami has announced her graduation from the group.
She will be leaving entertainment industry too.

18 d’oct. 2016

NMB48 Shuffle

At NMB48 6th anniversary concert, a shuffle has been announced.
The new teams will start from January 2017.

Also,kenkyuusei are now bonded to a team,like draft members.

Here are the new team lineups.

Jonishi Kei announced graduation

NMB48 1st gen member Jonishi Kei has announced her graduation from the group.

my 48G Senbatsu (october 2016)

my TOP 16 from each group.

14 d’oct. 2016

Ogasawara Mayu announced graduation

NMB48 1st gen and current AKB48 Team A member Ogasawara Mayu has announced her graduation.
She will graduate on December 31st.

10 d’oct. 2016

AKB48 Janken Taikai 2016 results


STU48 new AKB48 sister group

Announced at Janken 2016, AKB48 will have a new sister group on summer 2017.
This time it's not a city!
The theatre will be located in a boat that will be touring the ports of 7 cities.