25 de maig 2017

my Favorite Idol Songs (1)

Part 1 of my favorite idol songs.They're in random order.Will be divided in various parts because this entry could be infinite 😂 So it's going to be about 20 songs by entry :)

19 de maig 2017

15 de maig 2017

my TOP 40 Hello!Project members (May 2017)

Long time since the last one :O
This will be the last one counting ºC-ute members and Momoko ;_; And in autumn my oshi will be gone... damn ):

12 de maig 2017

Fujii Rio announced graduation

Kobushi Factory member Fujii Rio has announced her graduation from the group.
She will graduate at the summer tour.

7 de maig 2017

5 de maig 2017

Tani Yuri announced graduation

AKB48 Team 8 member Tani Yuri has announced her graduation from the group. She wants to become an elementary school teacher.

4 de maig 2017

my Favorite Japanese Celebrities

A big list,this time including famous japanese people in the entertainment industry,like actors,comedians,singers...

*They're listed in alphabetical order (well,my favorite goes first :P) and divided by GIRLS & BOYS.
*Not counting the retired or on hiatus ones (Watanabe Miyuki,Nishino Miki...)