26 de nov. 2018

Idol Groups: 2o Love to Sweet Bullet

Formed originally on May 2014 as SWEET BULLET
On Spring 2015, the group was renamed 2o Love to Sweet Bullet and released its first single.

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Fujino Shiho
Birthday: March 16th
Image Color: white
Special Skills: gymnastics
Hobbies: Singing and listening to music

Yamahiro Mihoko
Birthday: August 19th
Image color: yellow
Special Skills: playing guitar
Hobbies: Sports gym, watching baseball

Mita Karin
Birthday: October 28th
Image color: pink
Special Skills: selfies
Hobbies: egosurfing

Fushimi Riho
Birthday: November 28th
Image color: green
Special Skills: Caligraphy
Hobbies: Watching soccer

Oozora Mitsuki
Birthday: February 6th
Image color: red
Special Skills: dance choreos, imitating a goat
Hobbies: looking at ancient Egyptian letters


Graduated Members
Fukami Mayu
Isshiki Kyoko
Mizutani Sachika
Nagaoka Mayu
Sakaguchi Honomi
Shiina Narumi
Tachibana Kasumi
Shinjo Mai
Ichinose Yume

my TOP 30 Nogizaka46 members (November 2018)

Nogi is losing so many members this year! ;_;

23 de nov. 2018

Tsuri Bit announced disbandment

Tsuri Bit will disband next year.
Their last single will be released on March 11th 2019.

22 de nov. 2018

Kawago Hina announced graduation

Nogizaka46 member Kawago Hina has announced her graduation from the group.
Her graduation will be on December 20th.

Yet another Nogi member leaving :')

17 de nov. 2018

Kusaka Konomi announced graduation

NMB48 Team N member Kusaka Konomi has announced her graduation from the group.
She wants to become a choreographer.

16 de nov. 2018

Gallery: Inoue Sayuri

Gallery: Ikuta Erina

Shida Manaka announced graduation

Keyakizaka46 member Shida Manaka has announced her graduation from the group.
She's been on hiatus since May 2018 because of some health issue so it isn't a big surprise.
With her graduation, Keyaki has lost two of their pillars in just one year (Imaizumi Yui and Shida Manaka)

8 de nov. 2018

Gallery: Dobashi Kaede

my TOP picks from AKB48 Dance Audition

Since the centers Miyawaki Sakura,Yabuki Nako & Honda Hitomi are already with IZ*ONE, 48G is holding an audition to find great dancers to substitute them on TV performances for AKB48's latest single, NO WAY MAN.

105 48G members are auditioning!

Here are my picks: