28 de febr. 2016

HKT48 7th single announced

HKT48 7th single will be released on April 13.
The senbatsu was also announced
*First Senbatsu of Tanaka Natsumi & Matsuoka Hana

Kodama Haruka (center)

27 de febr. 2016

Nakagawa Haruka announced graduation

JKT48's Nakagawa Haruka has announced her graduation from the group.
Harugon is a 3rd generation AKB48 member transferred to JKT48.
She has said she will live in Indonesia and won't return to Japan

25 de febr. 2016

22 de febr. 2016

Other idol groups favorites (february 2016)

*Not counting groups inside the same project like AKB48G,Stardust,E-girls,Idol Street,Hello!Project,Arc Jewel,etc...
*Not counting graduated members and disbanded groups
*My ultra favorites are marked with (*) 

21 de febr. 2016

15 de febr. 2016

Nishimura Aika announced graduation

Team N's Nishimura Aika has announced her graduation from NMB48.
She wants to focus on her studies

10 de febr. 2016

Hiwatashi Yui promoted to Team A

2nd Draft Kaigi Kenkyuusei Hiwatashi Yui has participated Team A's 7th stage shonichi as a kenkyuusei.At the end of the show she was promoted to the team.

Koishi Kumiko announced graduation

Team E's Koishi Kumiko has announced her graduation from SKE48.
She's a Draft Member (from the 1st one)
Imatge d'enllaç permanent incrustada