28 de gen. 2019

my E-G family Members Ranking (January 2019)

It's been a long time since the last ranking I did for E-Girls.
When Shuuka left my interest dropped so much... and then Flower stopped releasing singles...
Now that Flower is back (but no Shuuka ;_;) I feel better about E-Girls.

27 de gen. 2019

Arashi announce hiatus

Japan's top group Arashi has announced an indefinite hiatus from December 31th 2020 onwards.
Ohno Satoshi has been wanting to life a normal life for a while and after discusing it with both members and agency, the decision was made.
Arashi is the 5 of them, and they didn't want to continue as 4. Their bond is really strong.
Taking a break after 20 years non-stop is certainly something they deserve, the feeling that they may return someday with more strenght than ever is there too.
There's still 2 years until the hiatus date so there's still time for the news to sink in.

12 de gen. 2019

Kojima Mako announced graduation

AKB48 Team K member Kojima Mako has announced her graduation from the group.

48G Singing Competition FINAL ranking

The final ranking is:
1.Nojima Kano
2.Yahagi Moeka
3.Okada Nana
4.Yamazaki Amiru
5.Yamauchi Suzuran
6.Yokoyama Yui (8)
7.Yano Honoka
8.Sakamoto Erena

8 de gen. 2019

Hayashi Momoka announced graduation

NMB48 Team N member Hayashi Momoka has announced her graduation from the group.
She will graduate on Feburary but will stay in the entertainment world.

7 de gen. 2019

Noda Hinano announced graduation

AKB48 Team 8 & Team 4 member Noda Hinano has announced her graduation from the group.

3 de gen. 2019

my WACK group members RANKING (January 2019)

Last one with BiS current lineup, since the 1st and 2nd teams will shuffle for next single:
Pan Luna Leafy (3⇒5) BiS 1st ⇒ BiS2nd
Toriaezu Hana (4⇒10) BiS1st ⇒BiS2nd
Kika Front Frontale (5⇒3) BiS2nd ⇒ BiS1st
Peri Ubu (6⇒4) BiS2nd ⇒ BiS1st

Also, Nel Nehru (BiS2nd) has left ):

1 de gen. 2019

Nel Nehru has graduated

BiS2nd member Nel Nehru has graduated from the group.
She just joined last year but has withdrawn due to mental and physical exaustion.