28 de gen. 2019

my E-G family Members Ranking (January 2019)

It's been a long time since the last ranking I did for E-Girls.
When Shuuka left my interest dropped so much... and then Flower stopped releasing singles...
Now that Flower is back (but no Shuuka ;_;) I feel better about E-Girls.

27 de gen. 2019

Arashi announce hiatus

Japan's top group Arashi has announced an indefinite hiatus from December 31th 2020 onwards.
Ohno Satoshi has been wanting to life a normal life for a while and after discusing it with both members and agency, the decision was made.
Arashi is the 5 of them, and they didn't want to continue as 4. Their bond is really strong.
Taking a break after 20 years non-stop is certainly something they deserve, the feeling that they may return someday with more strenght than ever is there too.
There's still 2 years until the hiatus date so there's still time for the news to sink in.

12 de gen. 2019

Kojima Mako announced graduation

AKB48 Team K member Kojima Mako has announced her graduation from the group.

48G Singing Competition FINAL ranking

The final ranking is:
1.Nojima Kano
2.Yahagi Moeka
3.Okada Nana
4.Yamazaki Amiru
5.Yamauchi Suzuran
6.Yokoyama Yui (8)
7.Yano Honoka
8.Sakamoto Erena

8 de gen. 2019

Hayashi Momoka announced graduation

NMB48 Team N member Hayashi Momoka has announced her graduation from the group.
She will graduate on Feburary but will stay in the entertainment world.

BiS (2)

Second generation and revival of BiS
Also called reformed BiS or BiSBiS
The group was created on 2016 and disbanded on 2019

7 de gen. 2019

Noda Hinano announced graduation

AKB48 Team 8 & Team 4 member Noda Hinano has announced her graduation from the group.

3 de gen. 2019

my WACK group members RANKING (January 2019)

Last one with BiS current lineup, since the 1st and 2nd teams will shuffle for next single:
Pan Luna Leafy (3⇒5) BiS 1st ⇒ BiS2nd
Toriaezu Hana (4⇒10) BiS1st ⇒BiS2nd
Kika Front Frontale (5⇒3) BiS2nd ⇒ BiS1st
Peri Ubu (6⇒4) BiS2nd ⇒ BiS1st

Also, Nel Nehru (BiS2nd) has left ):

1 de gen. 2019

Nel Nehru has graduated

BiS2nd member Nel Nehru has graduated from the group.
She just joined last year but has withdrawn due to mental and physical exaustion.