30 de gen. 2016

Iwasa Misaki announced graduation

Wasamin has announced her graduation from AKB48 at her solo concert today.

Hashimoto Kanna 1st single

Popular idol Hashimoto Kanna from the group Rev.from DVL will have her solo debut.
Her 1st single will be released on February 23rd.
Hashimoto Kanna - Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu

23 de gen. 2016

Umeda Ayaka announced graduation

Umechan has announced her graduation from NMB48.
She was one of the remaining AKB48 2nd gen and now every one of them has announced their graduation from the group.

22 de gen. 2016

AKB48 Group REQUEST HOUR Best 100 2016 (updating)

This time,since AKB had a solo request hour (with a really unexpected result :'D ) the AKB48 group request hour is no longer TOP 200 like the last years.

17 de gen. 2016

16 de gen. 2016

15 de gen. 2016

Kondo Rina announced graduation

Kondo Rina will graduate from NMB48 on January 27th to pursue her dream of becoming an actress