31 de març 2019

BiS announce graduation for all its members

BiS current members 
Aya Eight Prince, Go Zeela, Kika Front Frontalle, Peri Ubu, Pan Luna Leafy
Toriaezu Hana, Muropanako, Mewclub and YUiNA EMPiRE
will all graduate from the group.

What will happen to them is unknown.

Auditions for the new BiS wil start on April.

Okay,this is dumb. Just hope they'll form a new group or something... So much talent wasted. *sigh*

29 de març 2019

3 new Graduation announcements

SKE48 Team KII member Uchiyama Mikoto has announced her graduation from the group.

Another SKE48 member, Okada Miku has announced her graduation

STU48 member Sano Haruka announced her graduation too

26 de març 2019

my TOP 20 Keyakizaka46 songs

Keyaki turn~~

More graduations ):

AKB48 Team 4 member Taya Misaki has announced her graduation.

Nogizaka46 members Ito Karin and Saito Yuri are graduating too.

Junjou no Afilia member Maho Sotto Voce will graduate from the group on September

23 de març 2019

my TOP 15 Momoiro Clover songs

both Momoiro Clover and Momoiro Clover Z era
(I'm afraid of having oshis in this group, I was Akari oshi, she graduated, then Momoka, graduated too... :') 

my TOP 10 Tokyo Girl's Style songs

I'm starting a series of posts with my favorite songs from each group I follow~~

19 de març 2019

12 de març 2019

Des ailes 26

Idol group revival of Candy Kiss.
The group was formed in 2017 as a local idol group in Tama City.
All members come from dance school clover26.
They were previously known as Des ailes 89.

7 de març 2019

6 de març 2019

Chen GuanHui announced graduation

SNH48 1st generation member Chen GuanHui has anounced her graduation from the group.

Iwata Momoka announced graduation

NMB48 Team M member Iwata Momoka has announced her graduation from the group 
to focus on studies.

5 de març 2019

Takahashi Juri announced graduation

AKB48 Team B captain has announced her graduation from the group....
to debut in south korea!
She'll debut under Woollim entertainment

Tomiyoshi Asuka announced graduation

HKT48 Team KIV member Tomiyoshi Asuka has announced her graduation from the group.

4 de març 2019