29 de des. 2015

Isohara Kyoka announced graduation

Kyoka announced today that she will graduate from SKE48 on 31st December (yep,in two days), that day will be her 2500 day since she joined the group.
Imatge d'enllaç permanent incrustada

19 de des. 2015

HKT48 4th gen auditions open!

The period for applying is from December 19 to February 29
They want young applicants beetwen 11 and 18 years old.

17 de des. 2015

Nagashima Seira announced graduation

Seira announced she'll graduate from Nogizaka46,
It was announced today at Nogizaka46 Under live

16 de des. 2015

Miyazawa Sae announced graduation

Sae has announced her graduation from SKE48 and SNH48 on FNS Music Festival.

Nishiyama Rena announced graduation

1st generation Draft Rena has announced her graduation from AKB48.

She wants to help others and concentrate on studies

Umemoto Izumi announced graduation

Chiizu will graduate from HKT48.

Takajo Aki announced graduation

My computer broke so this is posted some days after the announcement.

Akicha announced her graduation on this year's AKB48 Kouhaku Uta Gassen

11 de des. 2015

Poll Results

So,here are the results to my question of which A-side was the best this summer:

1.Halloween Night (AKB48) 17 votes
2.Mae nomeri (SKE48)  5 votes
2.Durian Shonen (NMB48) 5 votes
4.Taiyou Knock (Nogizaka46) 4 votes

7 de des. 2015