29 de març 2018

Members not participating this year's AKB48 Sousenkyo

*Member name and (last year position) (-) if didn't participate last year (X) if didn't rank
*Remember that this year JKT,BNK and TPE participate too! but I won't list them here because really few girls appliedand in JKT case no one lol.

28 de març 2018

Ogata Haruna announced graduation

morning musume ogata haruna
Ogata Haruna has announced her graduation from Morning Musume'18.
Wants to focus on studies,since she couldn't balance both.

19 de març 2018

Nakano Reina,Yamada Marina & Tano Yuuka announced graduation

NMB48 Team M Nakano Reina announced her graduation to focus on studies.

HKT48 Team H member Yamada Marina will graduate to become a seiyuu.

AKB48 Team K member Tano Yuuka will graduate. What she will be up to after her graduation is unknown.