25 de jul. 2015

19 de jul. 2015

Kuramochi Asuka announced graduation

Mocchi announced her graduation on newspaper Sanspo Sports.
She wants to be a sportscaster and her current dream is to report the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
She will graduate on August 17th.

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12 de jul. 2015

AKB48 6th Janken Taikai announced

On September 16th the 6th Janken Taikai will be held.
This year too the price is a solo debut.
The non-AKB preliminary round will be held on August 6th at Makuhari Messe.

11 de jul. 2015

Kobayashi Marina announced graduation

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Marinchan (AKB48 Team 4) has announced her graduation from the group.
The date is unknown for now.