20 de febr. 2019

Color Pointe

Ballet dance group formed in 2011. 
At first they only did covers but on 2015 they started releasing original songs.

14 de febr. 2019

my TOP 25 NMB48 members (February 2019)

I reaaaally love the new gens :'3

Eto Misa announced graduation

Nogizaka46 1st gen member Eto Misa has announced her graduation from the group.
Her graduation concert will be on March 19th and finally will graduate on March 31st.

3 de febr. 2019

My Favorite Songs of the Month (January 2019)

Adding non-idol music too!
This month has had reaaaaaally few idol releases, but February is coming really strong!
*songs with official release on January 2019