30 d’ag. 2016

my Favorite Idol Group Members (August 2016)

A huge list of my favorite current idols,in black,and the ones I'm interested in   (not counting graduated members)
They're not in order,just listed under their respective groups.
But the 1 and only kamioshi goes to Kojima Haruna <3

27 d’ag. 2016

Kishino Rika announced graduation

NMB48 1st gen Kishino Rika has announced her graduation from the group at NMB48 Request Hour.

20 d’ag. 2016

ºC-ute will disband on June 2017

ºC-ute will disband at Saitama Super Arena concert next year.
Next year will be their 12th year as a group,and the last.

14 d’ag. 2016

4 d’ag. 2016

Inaba Manaka graduates from Country Girls

After 3 months of medical break, Inaba Manaka has decided to graduate from Country Girls.
(Manaka has asthma)

SNH48 members kicked from the group?

SNH48 members Liu LiWei and Shen YueJiao have been fired from the group and got their Weibo accounts revoked?
Zhao Ye forced to leave the SNH48 dorms?

Still no oficial statement from SNH48 management so everything is just ''rumours''

3 d’ag. 2016

my TOP 20 Keyakizaka46 members

The last ranking was before Silent Majority was released,so there are lots of changes :)

1 d’ag. 2016

New BiSH member: AYUNi·D

Her face will be revealed when she reaches 10.000 followers on twitter.
Follow her!