30 de des. 2017

WACK Sousenkyo results

The results of the WACK elections have been revealed.
The 2 top members will release a solo single under avex.
Aaand,as a suprise,the member who ranked 16 will release a solo indie single!

14 de des. 2017

Ozawa Luna announced hiatus

SUPER GIRLS member Ozawa Luna has announced her hiatus from the group.
With the mess that is Idol Street right now,this can be just the first....u.u

13 de des. 2017

Hayasaka Tsumugi has announced hiatus

AKB48 Team 8 & Team A member Hayasaka Tsumugi has announced an indifinite hiatus because of bad physical condition.
Her social media will be on hiatus too,so we won't have news from her for now.
Get well soon!~

8 de des. 2017

AKB48 Shuffle

Announced at AKB48 12th anniversary.
Now everyone from Team 8 is part of an AKB48 team (A,K,B & 4)
Old kennins have been canceled.

The new teams:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da "Sekirarara Riot" MV

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has released the MV for "Sekirarara Riot",their 5th single.

6 de des. 2017

3 de des. 2017

1 de des. 2017

Palet announced disbandment

Palet has announced its disbandment.
They will disband on December 28th.


BiSH have released the MV for "SMACK baby SMACK",a song part of their newest album,"Guerrilla BiSH".

23 de nov. 2017

Maneki Kecak new member

Maneki Kecak has announced a new member:
Fukase Mio!
Her color is yellow and her animal the koala.

21 de nov. 2017

drop announced disbandment

drop has announced the disbandment of the group. After the graduation of 2 members and with only 3 remaining,it's not surprising.
After the disbandment they will be added to a new group called Nana Land,with more members.

17 de nov. 2017

Kuromiya Rei is leaving

The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY member Kuromiya Rei has announced she's leaving the group. She has a throat condition and had to force herself to keep performing.
With one of the 2 members gone,the future of the group is pretty unsure.
The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY Kuromiya Rei

15 de nov. 2017

my 48G Kenkyuusei RANKING (November 2017)

-The 3rd Draft Kaigi is coming~~
-All NMB48 kenkyuusei have finally been promoted!
-Some SKE48 kenkyuusei have been promoted

10 de nov. 2017

You'll Melt More! "Eien no Shunkan" MV

You'll Melt More! has released the MV for "Eien no Shunkan".
It's a different MV,with maaaany guests waving bye bye to the camera.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute "HOLY GRAiL" MV

Yanakoto Sotto Muto have released the MV for "HOLY GRAiL".

9 de nov. 2017

6 de nov. 2017

Sato Sumire announced graduation

SKE48 Team E member Sato Sumire has announced her graduation from the group.
Suuchan was originally an AKB48 7th generation member later transferred to SKE48 in 2014.

She will retire from showbiz too.

4 de nov. 2017

BiSH "My landscape" MV

Bish have released the MV for "my landscape",a song part of their 2nd major album.

2 de nov. 2017

30 d’oct. 2017

Musubizm announced disbandment

Musubizm has announced the group will disband on December 10th.
Their latest single will be the recently announced 4th one.
Musubizm Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XX

25 d’oct. 2017

Nakahara Alice & Tatsuki Miia announced graduation

Fullfull Pocket members Nakahara Alice & Tatsuki Miia have announced their graduations from the group.
Only 2 members remain in the group,so its future is unknown.

Tokimeki Sendenbu "DEADHEAT" MV

Stardust idol group Tokimeki Sendenbu has released the MV for "DEADHEAT".

21 d’oct. 2017

Masuda Hina announced graduation

Si☆Stella member Masuda Hina has announced her graduation from the group.
Will graduate on November 5th.

Chishiro Rinka announced graduation

Fleurette member Chishiro Rinka has announced her graduation from the group.

Okumura Nonoka announced graduation

Niji no Conquistador member Okumura Nonoka has announced her graduation from the group.
Her last concert will be on January 8th 2018.

16 d’oct. 2017

NEVE SLIDE DOWN announced disbandment

PassCode sister group NEVE SLIDE DOWN will disband on February 2018.
No reasons have been stated.
It's sad to see the group won't even reach their 2nd anniversary.
neve slide down

12 d’oct. 2017

11 d’oct. 2017

30 de set. 2017

24 de set. 2017

21 de set. 2017

BiS "I can't say NO!!!!!!!" MV

BiS has released the MV for "I can't say NO!!!!!!!".

Minato Risa announced graduation

Iginari Tohoku San green member Minato Risa has announced her graduation from the group.
She wants to focus on becoming an actress.
Her graduation will be on October 14th.

Cococo announced withdrawal

Yukueshiretsurezure member Cococo has announced her withdrawal from the group.

Nogizaka46 "Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru"

Nogizaka46 has released the MV for their newest single "Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru".

*The video here isn't the official source because the original is region blocked.

20 de set. 2017

Namie Amuro announced retirement

Namie Amuro,one of the queens of J-pop and a female icon,has announced her retirement.
She will retire on September 16,2018.

Kidoguchi Sakurako has graduated

SUPER GIRLS member Kidoguchi Sakurako has graduated from the group.
She's been on hiatus for some time because of her health,and in the end,she can't return to the group.

18 de set. 2017

Morning Musume'17 "Dokyuu no Go Sign" MV

Morning Musume'17 has released the MV for "Dokyuu no Go Sign",one of the songs of their newest single (which will also be Kudo Haruka's last single)

14 de set. 2017

FuwaFuwa "Jelly Beans" MV

Kawaii idol group FuwaFuwa has released the MV for their 5th single,titled "Jelly Beans".

9 de set. 2017

The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY "Pinky Pinky" MV

The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY has released the MV for their 3rd Single "Pinky Pinky".

Inaba Manaka returns to Hello!Project

Former Country Girls member Inaba Manaka has returned to Hello!Project.
Manaka graduated because of bad health condition,but seems that since this spring,she's better.
She's joining Kenshuusei Hokkaido for now.
inaba manaka

8 de set. 2017

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da "Hitorigoto Garden"

Yami-kawaii idol group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da has released the MV for "Hitorigoto Garden",a song from their 3rd album.

7 de set. 2017

Ogawa Rena has graduated

Kobushi Factory red member Ogawa Rena has graduated from the group after being in hiatus since July because of her anxiety.

4 de set. 2017

Babyraids Japan "Bokura wa Koko ni Iru" MV

Babyraids JAPAN has released the MV for "Bokura wa Koko ni Iru",a song from their newest album "THE BRJ".

3 de set. 2017

Otaki Yuria announced graduation

NGT48 Kenkyuusei member Otaki Yuria has announced her graduation from the group.
She will graduate in October.

31 d’ag. 2017

PASSPO "Stand Up Girls" MV

PASSPO has released the MV for their new single "Stand Up Girls".

Hirota Aika announced graduation

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku green member and center of the group Hirota Aika,has announced her graduation from the group.
She will graduate on January 3,2018,with a concert at Nippon Budokan.

22 d’ag. 2017

Appare Harajuku! "Radiowat Kimi no Gankyuu Goshi Sukui Tamae Aidoru yo" MV

Appare Harajuku! has released the MV for their major debut single "Radiowat Kimi no Gankyuu Goshi Sukui Tamae Aidoru yo".
*With such a long name I'm not sure I wrote it in romaji properly 

21 d’ag. 2017

Kitahara Rie announced graduation

NGT48 Captain Kitahara Rie has announced her graduation from the group.
She was transferred to NGT from AKB in 2015.
Her graduation will be on spring 2018 and will focus on her acting career.

20 d’ag. 2017

16 d’ag. 2017

Country Girls "Konamaiki Girl" MV

Country Girls have released the MV for their newest song "Konamaiki Girl".
It's their first digital release,and also the first since 3 of the members were shuffled into other H!P groups.

11 d’ag. 2017

AKB48 "Suki Nanda" B-sides MV released

AKB48 has released the MV for the 49th Single "Suki Nanda" B-sides.

Under Girls "Darashinai Aishikata" (All Types)

Next Girls "Tomadotte Tameratte" (Type A)

Future Girls "Jibuntachi no Koi ni Kagitte" (Type B)

Upcoming Girls "Tsuki no Kamen" (Type C)

Tofu Pro Wrestling "Give Up wa Shinai" (Type E)


READY TO KISS has released the MV for their 3rd Single, titled "READY TO KISS".
It's a bit weird having as a 3rd single a song with the name of the group.

Fullfull☆Pocket "Kung Fu Otome" MV

Fullfull☆Pocket has released the MV for their 3rd single "Kung Fu Otome".

8 d’ag. 2017

Idol Groups performances (3)

Part 3 of the collection of idol performances

*Order and songs are totally random

Candye♡Syrup "Candye♡Syrup" MV

Idol Group Candye♡Syrup has released their 1st MV "Candye♡Syrup".
Despite 0 originality in the title of the song/mv, it's a good release.

7 d’ag. 2017

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku "YELL" MV

Stardust idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku has released the MV for "YELL".
It's always nice to see Ebichuu's smiles 

Yanakoto Sotto Mute "AWAKE" MV

Yanakoto Sotto Mute has released the MV for "AWAKE".
The song is part of their 3rd EP "STAMP EP".

Mogami Moga has graduated

Dempagumi.inc purple member Mogami Moga has announced her graduation from the group.
She's no longer a member of the popular group and will focus on her solo work.
Her reason for graduating is her recently bad health,and she doesn't want to cause any more trouble to fans and staff,having to cancel appareances and such.

6 d’ag. 2017

Nakamoto Himeka announced graduation

Nogizaka46 1st gen member Nakamoto Suzuka,has announced her graduation from the group.
She was on hiatus from the group until the last single because of health issues.
There's no date or reason of her decision,but it's probably something to do with her recently bad health. 

Kiyosato Chisei announced graduation

OSU leader and ace,Kiyosato Chisei,has announced her graduation from the group.
She will graduate on November 11.

4 d’ag. 2017

DEVIL NO ID!! "Mayoi no Mori" MV

3-member Idol Group DEVIL NO ID!! has released the MV for "Mayoi no Mori"

dots "Slide" MV

Mysterious idol group ....... (also known as "dots") have released the MV for "Slide".

FuwaFuwa announced graduations

Harajuku kawaii idol group FuwaFuwa has announced the graduations of 3 members.
Ishii Miyu and Tanino Arisa graduated on July 31 and Tsukamoto Nagisa will graduate on August 31.
Ishii Miyu,Tanino Arisa,Tsukamoto Nagisa

3 d’ag. 2017

2 d’ag. 2017

Junjou no Afilia "Kono Sekai ni Mahou Nante Nai" MV

Junjou no Afilia (previously known as Afilia Saga) has released the MV for their 1st single since the group changed its name,titled "Kono Sekai ni Mahou Nante Nai".

Yukueshiretsurezure "Loud Asymmetry" MV

Yukueshiretsurezure has released the MV of their 3rd single "Loud Asymmetry".
With the usual group sound and full of screammo,it's another great release of the group.

AKB48 "#Suki Nanda" MV

AKB48 has released the MV for their 49th single,titled "#Suki Nanda".
It's a really colorful MV,shooted in Okinawa.

Congratulations to Sasshi! Finally got the idol song she always wanted and not another dance along one 😁

1 d’ag. 2017

BiSH "Nothing"

Bish have released a new MV. The song it's "Nothing",which is part of their 1st mini Album "Giant Killers",released in June.
It's a documentary-like MV,like they did with ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

Minna no Kodomo-chan "Futari wa Nakayoshi"

The duo "Minna no Kodomo-chan" has released the MV for their 4th Single.
It's titled "Futari wa Nakayoshi".

29 de jul. 2017

23 de jul. 2017

Abe Mei announced graduation

AKB48 Team 8 Shimane representative Abe Mei has announced her graduation from the group.

20 de jul. 2017

Guso Drop announced disbandment

Heavy idol group Guso Drop will break up on August.
On October,they will hold a last graduation concert.

8 de jul. 2017

STU48 1st single senbatsu

As announced in Showroom,here's the Senbatsu for their 1st single!
16 members have been selected:

Fukuda Akari,Mori Kaho,Ishida Chiho,Kadowaki Miyuna,Fujiwara Azusa,Ishida Minami,Sano Haruka,Imamura Mitsuki,Ichioka Ayumi.Yabushita Fuu, Torobu Yuri,Isogai Kanon
Sashihara Rino,Iwata Hina,Okada Nana,Takino Yumiko

Thumbnail for version as of 08:56, 9 May 2017IwataHinaKKSMay2017.jpgThumbnail for version as of 08:58, 9 May 2017

(CENTER) Takino