30 de març 2016

HKT48 Team TII created!

Team TII has finally been formed:

Captain: Yamashita Emily
Co-Captain: Hokazono Hazuki

Members: Aramaki Misaki,Imamura Maria,Kurihara Sae,Sakamoto Erena,Tsutsui Riko,Murakawa Vivian,Matsuoka Hana,Yamauchi Yuna

Ishida Haruka announced graduation

AKB48 Team K Ishida Haruka has announced her graduation from the group.


26 de març 2016

Best Idol Group? : 4th match

AKB48 new Overseas sister groups announced!

TPE            MNL         BNK
48              48              48    

TPE48 (Taipei) auditions will start now
MNL48 (Manila)
BNK48 (Bangkog)

21 de març 2016

Members not participating on 45th single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Lots of members not participating this year:

Aigasa Moe (didn't rank last year)
Fujimura Natsuki (didn't rank last year)
Ishida Haruka (#71 last year)
Kojima Haruna (didn't participate last year)
Maeda Ami (didn't rank last year)
Murayama Yuiri (didn't participate last year)
Nakata Chisato (didn't participate last year)
Nozawa Rena (didn't rank last year)
Ogasawara Mayu (didn't rank last year)
Takeuchi Miyu (didn't participate last year)
Tanabe Miku (didn't participate last year)
Umeta Ayano (didn't rank last year)
Yamamoto Ai (didn't rank last year)

Ishida Anna (#77 last year)
Kato Rumi (#62 last year)
Matsumura Kaori (#13 last year)
Oya Masana (#20 last year)
Shibata Aya (#15 last year)
Takagi Yumana (didn't rank last year)
Tsuzuki Rika (didn't participate last year)
Yakata Miki (didn't rank last year)

Jonishi Kei (#36 last year)
Kinoshita Haruna (didn't rank last year)
Kinoshita Momoka (didn't participate last year)
Tanigawa Airi (#74 last year)
Watanabe Miyuki (#12 last year)
Yamaguchi Yuuki (didn't rank last year)

Anai Chihiro (#33 last year)
Ota Aika (#41 last year)

AKB48 44th single senbatsu announced

This year the senbatsu sousenkyo will be held at Niigata.
 A senbatsu full of surprises for the ''summer single'':

Mukaichi Mion

19 de març 2016

Best Idol Group?: 3rd match

18 de març 2016

Best Idol Group?: 2nd match

16 de març 2016

Best Idol Group?: 1st match

With this I start a ''tournament'' to see what idol groups are more popular.
The match are totally random.

15 de març 2016

Shion graduates from Guso Drop

Shion has left indie idol group Guso Drop. Shion wants to focus on her studies and live a normal life.
Management has been considering breaking Guso Drop for a while,and this may be a sign.

4 de març 2016

SKE48 captain shuffle

Announced at Miyazawa Sae graduation concert:

SKE48 Captain: none -> Saito Makiko
Team S Leader: Miyazawa Sae->Yakata Miki
Team S Vice-Leader: Yakata Miki-> Matsumoto Chikako
Team KII Leader: Oba Mina->Oba Mina
Team KII Vice-Leader:Uchiyama Mikoto-> Uchiyama Mikoto
Team E Leader:Suda Akari->Suda Akari
Team E Vice-Leader: Umemoto Madoka-> Fukushi Nao

2 de març 2016

Meng Yue announced graduation

SNH48 Team NII member Meng Yue has announced her graduation from the group.

Tang Anqi injured with severe burns

SNH48 Team NII member Tang Anqi was injured with severe burns.
AnQi's body burst into flames on the second floor and she rushed to the stairs yelling for help.
News say she has 80% of her body with burns.
She's being treated in the hospital.
SNH management will pay the treatment.
*update: She has regained conciousness but still can't speak so details about the incident are still unclear
Thanks to all fans and staff who donated blood!
Wishing for her recovery