22 d’abr. 2018

Orin, Koga Yako & Yoshizaki Aya announced graduation

LAST IDOL members Koga Yako,Yoshizaki Aya (LaLuce) & Orin (Good Tears) have announced their graduations from the group.

Koga Yako & Yoshizaki Aya from LaLuce

Orin from Good Tears

20 d’abr. 2018

Momoland has left BiS

After the agency wasn't able to contact with her and she was last saw in an airport it's not surprising.
Finally she has talked with the agency and officially left BiS.
Her reasons are emotional fatigue.

18 d’abr. 2018

Latest 48G graduation announcements

AKB48 Kojima Natsuki (will graduate on August 2018) *last 11th gen member

Team 8 Hayasaka Tsumugi (will graduate in April 29th,in hiatus since the start of the year)

SKE48 Takatsuka Natsuki 

HKT48 Yamamoto Mao (will graduate on May 21st)*only 1st gen Draft

17 d’abr. 2018

6 d’abr. 2018

Wada Ayaka announced graduation

ANGERME & Hello!Project leader has announced her graduation from both.
Her graduation will be next year,and Morning Musume Fukumura Mizuki will be the next Hello!Project leader.
wada ayaka