30 de nov. 2014

Idols without makeup part 2

This time some audition pics too!The pics have years old so of course they have changed a lot!
Watanabe Miyuki,Kizaki Yuria,Yamada Nana,Yamamoto Sayaka,Shibata Aya & Tashima Meru

Seifuku no Hane photosets part 2

PART 2~~

Seifuku no Hane photosets part 1

The new song for Team 8!There's a lot of pics X_X

Part 1

BUBKA ''Black Swan'' Takayanagi Akane

my TOP 10 kennin members.November 2014

A special TOP for members with a concurrent position in 2 teams!
The list of actual kennins is: Matsui Jurina,Watanabe Miyuki,Kotani Riho,Kodama Haruka,Furuhata Nao,Yagura Fuuko,Ikoma Rina,Miyawaki Sakura,Shibuya Nagisa,Tomonaga Mio,Yamamoto Sayaka,Miyazawa Sae,Yamada Nana,Matsui Rena,Suzuki Mariya,Tanaka Natsumi,Kashiwagi Yuki,Murashige Anna,Takayanagi Akane & Kimoto Kanon.

29 de nov. 2014

my TOP 10 HKT48 Team KIV members.November 2014.no kennin

my top Team KIV members (no kennins)

my TOP 10 HKT48 Team H members.November 2014.no kennins

my top 10 team H members (no kennins)

my TOP 10 NMB48 Team BII members.November 2014.no kennins

Here's my Top 10 for November of Team BII members ~~

my TOP 10 NMB48 Team M members .November 2014.No kennins

my TOP 10 Team M members November 2014

Watanabe Miyuki 1st single ''Yasashiku suru yori kisu wo shite'' details

The covers and tracks have been revealed:

28 de nov. 2014

my TOP 10 NMB48 Team N members.November 2014.no kennin

myTOP10 TeamN members

my TOP 10 SKE48 Team E members.November 2014.no kennins

my TOP 10 Team E members (no kennins)

my TOP 10 SKE48 Team KII members.November 2014.no kennins

my top 10 team KII members
no kennins



-Majisuka Gakuen 4 confirmed. Will be aired on January 2015.The cast is going to be announced on January 2nd.
-Tashima Meru sprained her left foot.It's nothing serious but she needs to rest.
-Tanabe Miku has a ruptured ligament and isn't going to appear in shows.
-Tomonaga Mio has pain in her right knee.
-Shiraishi Mai's 1st photobook title is ''Seijun na Otona''. Remember that the release date is December 10th!
-Ex-AKB48 member Ohori Megumi is going to appear in Nogibingo3!
-The outfit  Milky wore for the  her solo single performance (no video yet)

20 de nov. 2014

my TOP 10 AKB48 Team 4 members November 2014 (no kennins)

my TOP 10 Team 4 members!November 2014
(no kennins)

my TOP 10 AKB48 Team B members November 2014 (no kennin)

my TOP 10 Team B members!November 2014

(no kennins)

SKE48 16th single December Kangaroo MV

Updated to Youtube the special edit MV of December Kangaroo,SKE48's 16th single!

Team Surprise ''Reborn'' cover jacket finished!

The cover:

SKE48 7th generation

35 of the candidates for SKE48's 7th generation have passed.
The candidates were voted by fans
Official page:


14 de nov. 2014

Some news

-Kitahara Rie has new actress works
-Yokoyama Yui is going to have a solo song in AKB48 new album
-Iwasa Misaki will have a solo concert
-Minegishi Minami said she won't be in AKB48 2 years later in a magazine interview
-Fukukawa Airi greatly cosplaying Rei Ayanami from Evangelion

HKT48 Postcards 2015 new year

As shown in Young Jump n50 magazine,the HKT48 new year poscards  are these:

SKE48 16th single covers

 The covers for SKE48 16th single ''December Kangaroo'' have been revealed:

AKB48 members 2015 Desktop calendars

Official page for all AKB48 2015 calendars:


Previews for the desktop calendars:

9 de nov. 2014

SKE48 7th generation voted by fans!

The final candidates for SKE48's 7th generation are going to be selected by the fans votes!
This is the official page,where you can see the candidates and vote for them! Best of luck for all the girls!

HKT48 Team H 3rd stage Saishuu Bell ga Naru

The new Team H stage is the original Team K 4th stage ''Saishuu Bell ga Naru''.
No original stage for HKT48 yet.

2 de nov. 2014

New photobooks and a documentary announced!

The lucky girls to get their first solo photobook are...:

TEAM K: Yokoyama Yui
SKE48 Kenkyuusei; Matsumura Kaori

Tano Yuka is going to have a solo documentary!! A 40 minutes one!


SKE48 16th single SENBATSU

The senbatsu for SKE48 16th single has been announced:

22 members,the largest senbatsu in SKE48!
Aaaand,the big surprise...
 Jurina and Rena are not the centers this time!
Like NMB48 did in their last single (centers changed from Sayanee & Milky to Mirurun & Fuuchan)
Kitagawa Ryoha & Miyamae Ami are the centers!!!

AKB48 Kibouteki Refrain preview

Details of the upcoming AKB48 single!

preview of Kibouteki Refrain MV

A really nostalgic MV with cameos of graduated members.

December 2012 Kojima Natsuki magazine

Young Jump Magazine SKE48 ''Fresh 3'' Furuhata Nao,Ego Yuna,Kitagawa Ryoha


Mp3 page is no longer available.Why? The page is here but I'm only going to give links with requests. You can request in the ''Contact'' page.

The performances page is updated!!! :D

6 versions of Yokaze no Shiwaza!
3 versions of Dear J!

Of course more performances are going to be uploaded,so wait for them!
Videos are not mine,mainly from youku or other pages,but I put the videos in my Google Drive so everyone can see it. I tried dailymotion but...well,copyright...vimeo too...youtube too...
So google drive and no more problems! :D

1 de nov. 2014

Uploading Performances!

For now I'm uploading performances on google drive.
I'm thinking of uploading full concerts,stages,programmes... but performances are going first ^^
I accept requests (well,if I can find the video,of course).
Check the uploaded performances at the Performances page!