27 de juny 2017

Hello! Project new lineup

Finally we know where 3 of Country Girls members and the 3 Kenshuusei go.

Morito Chisaki  Morning Musume'17

Funaki Musubu ➨ ANGERME

Yanagawa Nanami ➨ Juice=Juice

Danbara Ruru Juice=Juice

Kawamura Ayano ➨ ANGERME

Ichioka Reina ➨ New Group leader

26 de juny 2017

Oya Masana announced graduation

SKE48 Team S member and 1st gen Oya Masana has announced her graduation from the group.
She will have a solo song in the upcoming SKE single "Igai ni Mango"

22 de juny 2017

Suto Ririka announced graduation

After making her announcement that she was going to get married soon at Senbatsu Sounsekyo,and all the controversy it caused between fans and members, (not for me,I'm seriously happy for her) she will graduate from NMB48.

I have to admit I'm pissed with fans,and many members.There are some scandals that were 1000 times worse *cough*Minegishi*cough*Sayuringo*cough*Sasshi* and stay in their groups. There's really too many disgusting people in this fandom.
I really hope she's really happy with her boyfriend and soon husband,while you all who insult her for being in love...well,keep being haters..What about letting her be happy? Hate doesn't go anywhere.

21 de juny 2017

Futamura Haruka announced graduation

SKE48 Team S member Futamura Haruka has announced her graduation from the group.
Her last activity will be on July.

17 de juny 2017

Watanabe Mayu announced graduation

AKB48 Team B member Watanabe Mayu has announced her graduation from the group at the Senbatsu Election.

AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo results

This sousenkyo has been a mess,with the cancellation of the concert and moving the main event indoors with no audience because of bad weather. But hey,we still got the results...

*Team the member belongs to is shown by color
Team A,Team K,Team B,Team 4,Team 8,Kenkyuusei
Team S,Team KII,Team E,Team N,Team M,Team BII
Team H,Team KIV,Team TII,Team NIII

12 de juny 2017

Hamamatsu Riona announced graduation

AKB48 Team 8 member and tokushima representative Hamamatsu Riona has announced her graduatio from the group.
She will graduate on July 2nd.

5 de juny 2017

Dream announced disbandment

The group will disband in July. 
It's quite a surprise,since the group has been active since 1999.

Image result for dream ami sayaka aya
Nakashima Ami will continue her career as a solo artist.

Image result for takamoto aya
Takamoto Aya will stop performing and singing,and will become EGFamily chief creative manager.

Image result for nishida shizuka
Nishida Shizuka will keep performing in DANCE EARTH PARTY

E-Girls new lineup announced

The group lineup will change after a concert on July 16th.
E-girls 2017
upper row (from left to right)-> Sato Harumi (Flower),Fujii Karen (Happiness),Washio Reina (Flower),Takebe Yuzuna,KAEDE (Happiness)

lower row: Yamaguchi Nonoka,SAYAKA (Happiness),Suda Anna (Happiness),Bando Nozomi (Flower),YURINO (Happiness),Ishii Anna