28 de des. 2018

24 de des. 2018

my TOP 25 Star48 idols (December 2018)


SNH48: Team SII,Team NII,Team HII,Team X,Team FT
BEJ48: Team B,Team E,Team J
GNZ48: Team G, Team NIII, Team Z
SHY48: Team SIII, Team HIII
CKG48: Team C, Team K

21 de des. 2018

Miyazaki Yuka announced graduation

Juice=Juice leader Miyazaki Yuka has announced her graduation from the group.
She will graduate at the end of 2019 Spring Tour.

My favorite idol songs of 2018

There's so many!!!! I've really enjoyed many releases this year ^^

15 de des. 2018

Sashihara Rino announced graduation

HKT48 Team H member Sashihara Rino has announced her graduation from the group.
Now this will be difficult for HKT48 and AKB48. The most popular 48G member gone...
I think she didn't choose a good moment, with both Sakura and Nako gone to IZ*ONE...
But it's also true that she has archieved everything she could aim for.

Good luck, queen Sasshi!

9 de des. 2018

Cho Kurena announced graduation

AKB48 Team 8 and Team A member has announced her graduation from the group.
Her last event will be on January 20th.

3 de des. 2018

Uemura Azusa has graduated

NMB48 Team BII member Uemura Azusa has graduated from the group.
She wants to become a youtuber.