22 de maig 2017

my TOP15 Sousenkyo Posters 2017

This year doesn't have many original ones ):
1.Sashihara Rino
Clever and original.Hope she wins again! These two are always together lol

2.Kitagawa Ryoha
The awkward girl has become so beautiful!

3.Yamauchi Suzuran
Ranran's posters are always simple,but really beautiful.

4.Kawamoto Saya
I like her smile so much here!It's a really happy poster ~~

5.Miyazaki Miho
Yay!Myao looking flawless!

6.Nakano Ikumi
I-ikumin,my kid..when did she become this stunning? O_O

7.Takayanagi Akane
Monster Churi is going to destroy you all! Gaoooo!

8.Sato Sumire
Suuchan always looks good.

9.Tani Marika
This one looks just so grateful for ranking these past two years...It makes me really happy to look at this poster,since she was the girl I voted for the last 2 elections.

10.Jo Eriko
Looks like a movie posters.It's really powerful.

11.Ichikawa Miori
Lemon is watching you.

12.Ijiri Anna
Can this girl do modeling shots already,please?

13.Murakawa Vivian
Vivian and her close-ups! Her face is amusing,so it always works.

14.Otaki Yuria
I've been fished.I'm a sucker for JRPG.

15.Saito Makiko
"Revenge".This one is really cool.In a way shows herself as the leader of SKE48,and in another one her determination to rank in.

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