11 de juny 2016

my TOP 30 AKB48Group songs of 2015

I though I already posted this but I didn't :')
Here are my favorite songs from last year by AKB48G (AKB48,SKE48,NMB48,HKT48 & NGT48)

1.Shekarashika! (HKT48)

Since the first time I listened to it,i absolutely loved how catchy and cool it is. This song is currently my favorite HKT song,and my favorite song from AKB48Group last year. My only complain with this song is that Sasshi should've been the center if they wanted to give her the red coat.It looks weird to put her at a side with Sakura and Haruppi wearing clothes of the same color.

2.Halloween Night (AKB48)

As a result of Sousenkyo we got another song with easy choreo. But this one actually makes me want to dance along. Also the idea of members wearing diferent costumes is great,well,some costumes are better than others,but at least is really easy to spot your favorite members.

3.365 Nichi no Kamihikouki (AKB48)

The most popular song from AKB48 last year was this one. And it really deserves that spot. It's a beautiful song,and that added to the fact that it was the song for a morning drama made it popular really quickly. The biggest mistake last year was not making this song the A-side instead of KnBmB.

4.Sekai ga Naiteru Nara (SKE48)

Amazing MV, great lyrics and great song. This coul have been an A-side for SKE48. And really,I stil want a drama or movie about what's going on in the MV.

5.Green Flash (AKB48)

I really love this song.The melody,the lyrics,everything is really beautiful. Okay,the screentime in the MV was...strange. But I'm a Kojiharu kami-oshi and still though the MV was good. It's not like Yukirin & Kojiharu need screentime,it's not going to give them more jobs at all. And Takamina & Sayanee rapping maked me laugh everytime they performed this :') Well,the whole single was amazing,every song was good.

6.Don't Look Back (NMB48)

A really great sendoff to Nana. Such a cool song! Costumes and choreo are amazing too.This song is my favorite NMB song from last year.

7.Durian Shonen (NMB48)

Everytime this song sounds I find myself singing along. Riripon did a great job centering this song.The MV is really fun to watch (poor Ripopo :'D)

8.Buddy (HKT48)

Jiina center! Gothic lolita costumes! Catchy song! It's imposible for me to not love this song.

9.7 kai no Les Mis (Kojima Haruna)

Kojiharu always gets the best solos in no3b,and the solos in the AKB48 album weren't an exception.

10.Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai (AKB48)

I love this one,but they messed up with the dance,too messy. But the MV is a masterpiece. Amazing. Another MV I would love to see turned into a movie or drama. The song is great too.

11.Rosario (Kizaki Yuria,Iriyama Anna,Kato Rena,Kodama Haruka)
This one is relaxing but without being boring,I really enjoy listening to this song.

12.Punkish (NMB48)

Sayanee & Friends sing a punk track. At first I found this song annoying but after some listenings I found myself singing along with it. It has grown a lot on me,a lot.

13.Kegarete Iru Shinjitsu (AKB48 Team 8 selection)

Team 8 is just too awesome. That feeling of old AKB but with better dancing  skills... they're perfection.

14.Yankee Machine Gun (Majisuka Gakuen 5 cast)

Amazing song,bad MV. So I'm posting the OP ver. because it's way cooler :D

15.Yasashii Place (AKB48 Team A)

A cool & elegant song for Team A. Everyone looks fantastic! This one is really easy to listen to.

16.Ama Nojaku Batta (AKB48 Team 8)

This is so fun! The choreo ,the MV and the song are hypnoticing!

17.Mizu no Naka no Dendouritsu (Next Girls)

Those chair scenes...why? T_T The dresses with the water were really pretty,the colors... but then they decide to do black & white scenes and the chairs. WTH

18.Oh Baby (AKB48 Team A)
Another good Team A song. But it sounds too ''disney'' :/

19.Anogoro Sukidatta Hito (Kojima Haruna,Yokoyama Yui)
Another good slow song that doesn't get boring.

20.Konya wa Join Us! (SKE48 Team KII)

It's catchy but I don't like the MV very much.

21.Yasashiku Aritai (Kashiwagi Yuki,Sashihara Rino)
I waas expecting something bad for a Yukirin & Sasshi duet but this song is beautiful.

22.DIRTY (SKE48 Team S)

Good rhythm,awful lyrics. But this gets so stuck in my head...

23.Maenomeri (SKE48)

I get bored of this song really easily but it's good.

24.12byou (HKT48)

The song and MV could have been better (specially the MV,with the Alice theme) ,but it's good.

25.Boku Dake no Secret Time (NMB48 Team M)

A fun song totally diferent from any other in 48G.

26.Must be Now (NMB48)

I like this song but it's too k-pop for my taste. Also another Sayanee + friends MV...

27.Akai Pin Heel (Matsui Jurina)

I love the song but I don't like that Jurina got it. I'm not a fan of her voice and the costume looks really bad on her. Plus this winning Request Hour...

28.Kanojo (Miyawaki Sakura)

Again good song but bad singer. But okay,she looks really cute.

29. Koko ga Rhodes da Koko de Tobe! (AKB48)

I love the costume,the song is okay but the wow wow parts annoy me a bit.

30.Otona Ressha (HKT48)

I loved this at first but after too much listen I'm getting bored of it. Originally this was higher >.<''

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