27 de set. 2016

my favorite idol MVs this month (September 2016)

Here are my recommendations of MVs released this month.

BiSH brings a totally different type of MV from what we are used to see of them. A beautifully done sad love story between two girls.

Color Pointe
Beautiful and elegant.This girls can be something big if they get the right promotion. 

Country Girls
A fun MV,energetic and great dance shots!
Same as the above. Country Girls have found a different and fun style!

This MV is just so beautiful you can't take your eyes of it.Well,like every Flower MV. 

Hajimetal with Kaneko Rie
It's a sad,dark MV,with beautiful contrast between black & white and the colorful umbrella.

Momoiro Clover Z
It's impossible to not have fun with this one!

These beautiful sisters debut as a duet with a colorful and stylish MV.

You'll Melt More!
It's interactive! 

This ones almost made the list.

Overall is good,but the girls look lost in many shots.

Houkago Princess
This is probably one of the least memorable MV from them,but some shots are pretty. 

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