12 de set. 2016

my NMB48 5th gen RANKING (September 2016)

After some time since their debut and watching their Kawaiian TV specials I finally have an opinion of them.

1.Umeyama Cocona

There's something special about her. Her beautiful face and shy personality are a really cute combination.

2.Iwata Momoka

She's bad when it comes to dancing but she puts a lot of effort on it. Always staying for extra practice, she's finally catching up!

3.Kojima Karin

She has a more mature image than the rest and is really good at talking in public. I love how calm she always looks. In performances she really enjoys it and does really great. She will be a great idol!

4.Yamamoto Ayaka

The new 5th gen center. She has made an awesome progress since she entered NMB. She can be a new ace! Will NMB's future be WYamamoto?

5.Yamada Suzu

The original 5th gen center.She started great,doing good and really different from her sister. But now that the rest of members are catching up,she no longer has the same presence as before.

6.Jonishi Rei

Being Keicchi's sister isn't doing her any good. I feeld bad for her. I hope she gets better at performing and everyone can recognize her as Jonishi Rei and not Jonishi Kei's sister.
Ganbatte Reechan!

7.Nakagawa Mion

She's cute. Nothing else about her caught my eye.

8.Shimizu Rika

She's a good performer but she lacks aura. She doesn't shine on stage.

9.Mizokawa Mirai

This girl started great but now she's getting worse and even emotionless in some performances! What happened?!?!

10.Mizuta Shiori

Okay,I still don't get how she passed the audition. It's not pleasant to watch her perform. She needs to get a lot better, but I haven't seen progress. It looks like she doesn't care at all. Please,prove me wrong and become a good idol!

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