15 d’ag. 2014

DiVA is going to disband this year

So the sub-unit of AKB48 DiVA will disband this year.
 But not all are bad news:

As announced in the radio program AKB48 ANN (All night nippon),DiVA is going to disband this year.
But before it,they're going to release their 4th single on October 8th.
Their 1st album (and only ;_;) is going to be released too.
After these releases,DiVA will disband with a performance.
Also,on the radio show,they called Oshima Yuko and she promised to write the lyrics .

About the 4th single:
Released in 4 types: TYPE A,B,C and D (Type D is a mu-mo limited version)
Masuda Yuka (former member) will return for this single!

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